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Talent Mobility Webinar: Unlocking Employment Opportunities in Europe for Healthcare Professionals

Mark your calendars to attend SPERTON’s Talent Mobility Webinar, an exclusive event tailored for Healthcare Professionals. This webinar is designed to provide valuable insights to healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their careers and explore employment opportunities across Europe.

The event will also feature guest speakers who will share their perspectives and experiences working in the healthcare sector in their respective European countries. The experts will offer valuable insights from their personal experiences, discussing their transitions to different countries, the opportunities they encountered, and the challenges they faced. Their diverse experiences will offer a comprehensive understanding of navigating the European healthcare sector.


1. Panel Discussion – Expert Guest Speakers:

  • Dr. Noor Emshani, Internal Medicine Specialist, Germany
  • Dr. Maryam Zahra, General Medical Practitioner, Denmark
  • Kousain Khaliq, Country & People Manager at Sperton Germany
  • Jihun Jung, Talent Acquisition Analyst at Sperton Germany

2. SPERTON Presentation on how we can assist you in navigating your career transition in Europe, with personalized support and resources to ensure a smooth and successful move.

3. Q&A Session: Engage directly with healthcare experts and SPERTON representatives. This is your opportunity to ask specific questions and get tailored advice for your career journey. Learn from leading experts about the intricacies of working in Europe, particularly in the healthcare sector.

Dr. Noor Emshani, Internal Medicine Specialist, Germany

Dr. Noor Emshani is a dedicated Internal Medicine Specialist with over seven years of extensive experience in various hospitals across Germany. Her expertise includes ultrasound techniques, endoscopies, and both invasive and non-invasive diagnostics and treatments, with advanced skills in cardiologic diagnostics, including arrhythmias and heart attack treatments. She is currently pursuing further qualification to become a cardiologist.

Dr. Maryam Zahra, General Medical Practitioner, Denmark

Dr. Maryam Zahra, a seasoned healthcare professional whose journey began as a House Officer at Civil Hospital Karachi, Pakistan. Dr. Zahra’s career is marked by a dedication to patient care and a meticulous approach to medical practice, honing her skills in clinical assessments, record-keeping, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Recently relocated to Denmark, she brings firsthand experience and insights into navigating the complexities of healthcare employment opportunities across borders. Dr. Zahra will share her personal story, discussing the challenges and enriching experiences encountered in transitioning to Denmark’s healthcare landscape.

Kousian Khaliq

Kousain Khaliq, Country & People Manager at Sperton Germany

Kousain Khaliq’s extensive experience in HR leadership and strategic management, spanning over 10 years, brings a wealth of valuable insights to the webinar on healthcare employment opportunities. As the Country & People Manager for Germany at Sperton, his profound knowledge of European market dynamics, bureaucratic processes, and cultural nuances will provide attendees with crucial guidance on navigating career transitions within the healthcare sector across Europe.

Jihun Jung, Talent Acquisition Analyst at Sperton Germany

Jihun Jung brings a unique blend of interdisciplinary insight and research expertise to the healthcare webinar focusing on talent landscape analysis. With a background in International Business Administration and Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology, Jihun leverages his expertise in bridging the gap between employment opportunities and talent professionals. His contributions shed light on enhancing healthcare employment opportunities through talent mobility and organizational strategies.

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We look forward to your participation in this informative and empowering event. Join us on Friday, July 12, 2024, from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM (CEST) for an enriching conversation that will shape your approach to healthcare employment opportunities and mobility in Europe.

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