COVID-19: response

COVID-19: our response

Governments together with health authorities from all over the world try to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Taken measures affect not only the life of every individual person but also the way companies can operate and do the business.

How Sperton operates?

Sperton team has experience with using remote workflow for some employees long before this situation. Now our employees are working from home until further notice in all countries where governments require home offices. Those who are working in office buildings are aware of safety measures required by governments of their countries. Our operation is constant and our services doesn’t stop during quarantines. This gives us the ability to assist our clients in different countries with recruitment, human resources and business support, accounting and payroll management in these uncertain times.

During this crisis time, we also want to do our best effort to secure the most transparent, qualified and reasonably priced prevention products from China to Norway with the most efficient communication. View our possibilities and contact our Chinese team in case of need.

How we can help your business during coronavirus outbreak

While businesses are cutting back on employee travels, the production in China is gradually recovering. Your business still may need to follow up in China and APAC. Will your company get your parts produced and shipped in time? Do you have deliveries to Chinese shipyards? Or supply from China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, somewhere in APAC ? How to send your employee into China or APAC while no one has the ability to travel now?

What’s the solution?

Sperton team has Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Bangladeshi and Norwegian speaking people on the ground in China / APAC and can help you with tasks that require unwanted travelling worldwide for your employees: follow up procurement, production, transportation, recruiting inspectors, consultants and much more. We can assist you with recruiting and hiring remote and local staff, as well as HR and business support.

You can visit our forthcoming webinar on company taxation optimization through legal and compliance reimbursement in China.

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Our China team has also held two webinars covering business challenges under Coronavirus. You can register and view recordings of the webinars for free.

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