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Optimize company’s taxation through legal and compliance reimbursement – FREE webinar

Many small and medium sized companies often have a wrong understanding of reimbursement and thinks everything is reimbursable and deductible from income tax. Even worse is that many companies abuse reimbursement and even make up false stories for reimbursement.

Beijing time 16:00  CEST 10:00

Friday 17th April 2020

In this Webinar we will share the followings:

  • Legal and compliance reimbursement of the most common expense. What is reimbursable and how much is deductible from income tax.
  • Consequence of incompliance reimbursement.
  • Experience sharing of taxation optimizing through reimbursement.

For audience in China, please add Wechat to join the group to watch the live presentation without any application needed. Wechat: 15601730093

For audience outside of China, please send email to joseph@fintegrity.cn and the live link will be sent.

We’re doing this tax seminar for free to support SMEs during this difficult time. To support business growth, we welcome attendees are welcome to exchange their business need and offer in our live group.

Joseph Zhang - CFO/Partner for Sperton China
Joseph Zhang

Joseph Zhang

Fintegrity – Founder & CEO

Sperton – Partner & CFO

  • Founder of Fintegrity, full range of integrated CFO, accounting and tax services.
  • CFO & Partner of nHack, Nordic VC investment fund and accelerator,
  • CFO at Icefresh. The company financed RMB 100 million.
  • AVP at DNB, The Norwegian Bank, responsible for corporate business. – Asia Financial Controller at DNV GL.

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