Business Support Services

A comprehensive set of global remote support services for your business.

We’ve launched SPERTON Business Support Services Hub to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve collaboration for our entities in different countries. Now we offer these services to our clients and new customers.

Business Support Services (sometimes also named shared services) are the consolidation of business operations that are used by multiple parts of the organization which includes: human resources, accounting, legal, IT, marketing, etc. It is a company-wide approach to streamlining business operations and resources that can be a huge asset for organizations that are spread out or have multiple sites or departments.

To make utilization of Business Support Services simple, we developed a flexible invoicing methodology that can easily be adapted to the requirements of the client, where the invoicing can be built on a fixed-cost basis or milestone-based invoicing. We also offer a mix of the two billing models, where some services are offered on a fixed-cost billing methodology while some extended services are offered based on an hourly rate.

Our services enable companies to focus on business growth and process improvements in a cost-effective way.

Recruitment & HR Support

We can handle full recruitment process outsourcing and provide you with complete project execution teams, assist with permanent job recruiting, consultants consolidation, and contracts to projects process.

Our People Management Services will greatly help businesses that do not have their own HR professionals in local teams or abroad. Our human resource and legal professionals confidently manage complex HR processes, allowing you to make the right decisions for your business.

Marketing and Digital Media Services

At SPERTON, we have provided clients with marketing and digital media services for over 20 years. Our services include a wide range of complete 360-degree support for client organizations in print, digital and social media. This includes creating and curating content for all websites and platforms owned by the organization and its various divisions.

Book-Keeping & Financial Consultancy

Accounting outsourcing is widely used in a nowadays globalized world. It allows companies to focus on their business and improve their non-core business processes in a cost-effective way. This leads to better efficiency of business performance and reduces business risks.

We offer a full range of corporate accounting and tax services, corporate legal and compliance services depending on the country of the project.

Administrative Support

Our administrative support team has been formed to provide a solution for all those in need of organizing their daily tasks and documents. This includes providing support in developing and maintaining a filling system, providing support with document conversion, policies manuals and reports. Our team can also provide you with coordination and scheduling assistance to help you organize your day more efficiently.

BI & IT Consulting

SPERTON offers a wide range of Business Intelligence and IT Consulting services. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the team in planning, implementing, and delivering complex IT global programs and ERP solutions. Having worked on projects in over 20 countries on five continents, SPERTON is well-placed to understand different peoples and cultures in the workplace and deliver top-quality solutions to your business.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the activity that involves the identification of leads that organizations can use for business generation. At SPERTON, we provide lead generation activities for our clients, including B2B and B2C leads, with a guarantee of the validity of leads by utilizing platforms such as sales navigator and LinkedIn.


Our specialists can help you with different aspects of your business, covering essential everyday tasks as well as one-time assignments.

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