Our Data Analytics services include ETL, Data Visualizations, Master Data Management, Robotic Process Automation, Data Cleansing.

ETL – Extraction, Transformation, Load

We can help you with ETL services by gathering live or stored data from various legacy sources and then preparing the data set for upload to the destination system in the required format.

Data Visualizations

Data stored in tables serves no purpose unless it is presented in a format that make sense to your business. We also provide services to create drill-down reports and interactive dashboards to present data in a meaningful way.

Master Data Management

With our Master Data Management service we can help you maintain the master data without errors, duplications, archiving, change control and automated via workflows.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We can automate repetitive tasks in your business with the introduction of robots into your work processes. This allows the workforce to concentrate on value added tasks whilst the RPA’s handled the repeat tasks.

Data Cleansing

We provide data cleansing services by analyzing the data, its sources, its age and the way data is being collected and then suggest strategies to optimize the data pipeline.

We provide a data mapping solution to ensure that data can pass seamlessly across various applications while adhering to all GDPR rules.

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