Arctic Circle Energy AS and Sperton AS signed strategic cooperation agreement

Arctic Circle Energy AS and Sperton AS signed strategic cooperation agreement

Oslo, Norway, June 26, 2020 – Arctic Circle Energy AS, a Norwegian based comprehensive service platform that operates in the field of sustainable green solutions and technical innovation, combining the advantages of Nordic technical talents and Chinese capital to create new opportunities, signed today a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Sperton AS.

Arctic Circle Energy will utilize its cooperation with the The Explorer, an initiative by the Ministry of Climate and Environment in Norway, to enhance its connections and cooperation between China and Norway.

Sperton is a Norwegian based company that provides the best expertise, consultant and recruitment services within renewable power, engineering, construction, onshore and offshore oil&gas and IT industries. Sperton has many years of experience in Northern Europe and Asia, with large enterprises on their customer list.

The agreement was signed by the CEO of Sperton, Mr. Carl Johansson, and the CEO of Arctic Circle Energy AS, Mr. Tor-Eric Jensen.

This strategic agreement between Sperton and Arctic Circle Energy will allow collaboration on industrial, technological and consultancy projects enabling both parties to extend their reach and create added value to the end customers.

Mr. Tor-Eric Jensen, CEO of Arctic Circle Energy said: “We are delighted to sign this strategic agreement with Sperton. The Sperton team has for many years proven their ability to provide the best expertise and recruitment services to the Nordics and Chinese market, which will be an added value to ACE’s customers. ACE look forward to building a complimentary partnership with Sperton where we together can increase our range of services where all parties reaps the reward”.

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挪威奥斯陆,2020年6月26日-挪威环北冰洋能源有限公司(ACE),一家致力于可持续绿色解决方案和技术创新的挪威综合服务平台,致力于结合北欧技术人才和中国资本的优势为企业创造新机遇,今天签署了一份与Sperton AS的长期战略合作协议。


Sperton总部位于挪威,在可再生能源,工程,建筑,陆上和海上油气,采矿和IT行业提供最佳专业知识,咨询和招聘服务。 Sperton在北欧和亚洲有着多年的经验,有丰富的与大型公司合作经验。

该协议由Sperton的首席执行官Carl Johansson先生和ACE的首席执行官Tor-Eric Jensen先生签署。


ACE首席执行官Tor-Eric Jensen先生说:“我们很高兴与Sperton签署这项战略协议。 Sperton团队多年来已经证明了他们能够为北欧和中国市场提供最佳专业知识和招聘服务的能力,这将为ACE的客户增值。 ACE期待与Sperton建立合作伙伴关系,在此我们可以共同扩大我们的服务范围,使各方都能获得回报”。



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