The partnership with Master Management

Sperton Norway team have entered into a partnership with Master Management, a leading supplier of personality and ability tests.

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Why is this important?

In a world where talent is one of the most valuable resources, it is crucial to have a recruitment process that is both efficient and precise. It’s not just about finding a candidate who can do the job, but about finding someone who will thrive, grow and contribute positively to the team dynamic.

The value of tests in recruitment

1️⃣ Understand the candidate: Personality tests give us a deeper understanding of a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and work style.

2️⃣ Objectivity: Aptitude tests help us measure a candidate’s skills in an objective way, beyond CVs and interview impressions.

3️⃣ Team dynamics: By understanding a potential employee’s personality and abilities, we can better assess how they will fit into existing teams.

4️⃣ Efficiency: Tests give us the opportunity to quickly filter through a large number of applicants, so that we can focus time and resources on the most promising candidates.

We look forward to implementing Master Management’s tests in our recruitment processes and are convinced that this will provide added value for both candidates and customers.

We look forward to taking this exciting journey with you!

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