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From facts to feelings: A new approach to recruitment

Yes, perhaps the headline is somewhat misleading. Of course, you have to be sensitive in terms of seeing the individuals and needs in a process to achieve the best possible result. But in this article, we’re going to talk about playing on emotions when recruiting.

When unemployment was high and there were many applicants per position, facts were important in job adverts. Facts about the company, the position and benefits. Those days are, at least temporarily, over.

What do candidates care about when applying for jobs now? Every candidate is different, but some of the things candidates care about are:

  • Does the new job offer me something?
  • Is the company green?
  • Does the company help solve future problems?
  • Is it a financially secure workplace?
    Are there any other things you envision candidates caring about?

We need to play on emotions when creating a job advert. We need to make sure that the candidates reading the job advert are engaged and feel that this is right for them.

We shouldn’t leave out the facts – it’s important to know about responsibilities, tasks, requirements, expectations, benefits, etc. But highlight the most important facts – the ones that aren’t obvious, so you can use the rest of the advert to create a positive feeling about your company.

How? Pull out or write down your company’s USPs (Unique Selling Points) and use the ones you think have the best chance of engaging your future employees.

We’re sure that if you make candidates feel something, you’ll get more relevant and good applicants than if you base your job advert on facts alone.

So the question is – do you dare to do things differently?

We’re here to help with parts or all of the recruitment process if you need it!

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