ESS Expo

Environmental Services and Solutions Expo in Birmingham

Maliq Kousain Khaliq and Michael Sheridan have represented Sperton Germany and Sperton UK and Ireland at the Environmental Services and Solutions Expo in Birmingham.

? Our team is passionate about delivering sustainable Talent solutions, especially in the realms of energy, fuels, and decarbonization that play a crucial role in combating climate change.
At Sperton, our Sustainable Talent Solutions go beyond traditional recruitment. We partner with organizations to identify, nurture, and place talent in roles that align with their sustainability goals. This means not only finding the right candidate for the job but also ensuring they share the company’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility. Our approach fosters a workforce that’s not just skilled but also dedicated to creating a better, more sustainable future. Together, we’re building a workforce that drives positive change. ??

The ESS Expo was an incredible platform to connect with like-minded professionals and discuss how our services contribute to a greener future and a decarbonized world.

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