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Complete, clean and responsible company registration in China – WEBINAR

Nowadays many local agencies do company registration in China. Most of the agencies are non-finance and have no related experience in this field. They do not always explain all the legal and financial liabilities of the fundamental information regarding registering a company in China. This is often due to lack of professional knowledge and long-term responsibility.

Sperton is dedicated to provide transparent and correct information. We are customer focused and devoted to building long term relationships.

We are launching WEBINAR SERIES – Guide to Setting up Business in China. In this webinar series, we will cover important topics for setting up your business in China. We will share the rules and regulations, and the consequences of incompliance.

In the first webinar we will share the basics of registering a company in China:

  • Financial and legal implications of fundamental information of company setup.
  • Complete company registration process.
  • Experience sharing of the most common issues.

Friday 8th May 2020

Beijing time 16:00  CEST 10:00

SPECIAL OFFER: Free complete company registration package for the first 2 applicants.

Please sign up at:

We’re doing these online workshops for free to support SMEs during this difficult time. To support business growth, we welcome attendees to exchange their business need and offer in our streaming group.

Joseph Zhang - CFO/Partner for Sperton China
Joseph Zhang

Joseph Zhang

Fintegrity – Founder & CEO

Sperton – Partner & CFO

  • Founder of Fintegrity, full range of integrated CFO, accounting and tax services.
  • CFO & Partner of nHack, Nordic VC investment fund and accelerator,
  • CFO at Icefresh. The company financed RMB 100 million.
  • AVP at DNB, The Norwegian Bank, responsible for corporate business. – Asia Financial Controller at DNV GL.

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