Grow Your Business in Ukraine

We help businesses to develop in Ukraine, supporting their expansion both locally and globally. We extend our expertise to companies from other regions, guiding them to successfully enter and thrive in the Ukrainian market.

A full range of services for expanding into new markets or developing business in Ukraine

  • Recruitment in Ukraine and for Ukrainian companies abroad,
  • People Management services in compliance with Ukrainian and international legal frameworks,
  • Global Mobility services help your company move employees from Ukraine to other countries and from other countries to Ukraine,
  • Business Support services for a successful market entry and business development in Ukraine.

SPERTON is dedicated to fostering excellence and success throughout your operations, whether it involves recruiting top talent, refining people management approaches, facilitating international mobility, or delivering vital business support services. With entities and partners spanning Europe and Asia, we are assisting businesses with cross-border solutions.

Ukraine Business City Buildings

Sperton Ukraine
Business Centre “Stend”
14, Vasylkivs’ka street
Kyiv, 03040