Professional Corporate Training

With the initiative to promote business and individual excellence, Sperton brings together specifically focused and specialized Learning & Development that consists of programs and workshops led by recognized industry leaders in their field.

Topics and programs are uniquely delivered via a digital platform, outside classroom workshops, or even afloat sailing yachts to craft leadership skills for young teens and corporate employees tailored to meet objectives and the organization’s culture and vision.

Some of the most popular Learning provided:

By Award Winning Motivational Speaker & Wellness Guru:

  • 7 Leadership Lessons From The Ring
  • Fit 2 Lead – Mental Toughness for Extreme Leadership Performance​
  • Fit 2 Sell – Mental Toughness for Superior Sales Performance ​
  • Fit 2 Perform – Personal Effectiveness and Time Organization ​
  • Fit 4 Teams – High Energy Team Building ​
  • Be Motivated, Stay Motivated​
  • The Art of Networking – Building Relationships For Career Success​
  • Confidence Anywhere, Anytime ​
  • Emotional Intelligence – Cutting Edge of Leadership​
  • Energize & Revitalize for Secretaries, Admin and Support Staff​
  • Energize & Achieve In Sales​
  • Holistic Stress Management & Executive Wellness​
  • Wellness Powerstart Workshop – Health & Wellness For All Generations ​
  • The Power of Mindfulness for Productivity, Performance & Happiness ​

Leadership Workshops:

Signature Leadership Workshops

  1. Fit 2 Lead: Mental Toughness for Leaders
  2. 7 Leadership Lessons from The Ring: From Good to Legendary
  3. The Art of Networking for Leaders and Managers
  4. AYLP: Achieve Your Leadership Potential
  5. IO: Impact the Outcome

Signature Sales Workshops

  1. Fit 2 Lead: Mental Toughness for Sales
  2. The Sales MBA™
  3. Power to Close
  4. Art of Networking and Social Selling
  5. B2B Inside Sales Training
  6. Powering Up Social Media for Sales

Signature Emotional Empowerment Workshops

  1. Developing Emotional Intelligence in The Workplace
  2. Influencing Without Authority
  3. Mastering Anxiety, Fear and Worry
  4. Conflict Management with Emotional Intelligence
  5. Developing Emotional Intelligence in Teams


Using ‘Wing Chun’ martial arts from Hong Kong to coach

  • Using the core concept of S.E.E.D combat system. S.E.E.D – Simplicity, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Dynamics
  • Apply C.U.T.E principle of Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making. C.U.T.E – Control, Understand, Think, Evaluate​

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