Grow Your Business in Norway

We help businesses to develop in Norway, supporting their expansion both locally and globally. We extend our expertise to companies from other regions, guiding them to successfully enter and thrive in the Norwegian market.

A comprehensive range of services tailored for expanding into new markets or developing business in Norway

  • Recruitment in Norway and for Norwegian companies abroad,
  • People Management services ensure that your workforce operations align with both Norwegian and international legal frameworks,
  • Global Mobility services help your company move employees from Norway to other countries and from other countries to Norway,
  • Business Support services for a successful market entry and business development in Norway.

SPERTON is dedicated to fostering excellence and success throughout your operations, whether it involves recruiting top talent, refining people management approaches, facilitating international mobility, or delivering vital business support services. With entities and partners spanning Europe and Asia, we are poised to assist businesses in tackling cross-border obstacles.

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Elevate Your Presence in Norway

Our collaborative approach ensures that client expectations and requirements are met and surpassed. We are dedicated to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

We are using customized strategies to attract and acquire the best talent, tailored to the specific needs of your organization and the demands of the Norwegian and international job markets. The experienced team will establish a seamless and effective hiring process to build your team in Norway or expand globally. Candidates are sourced through various channels and are thoroughly screened to identify the most qualified individuals.

We extend our services beyond borders to recruit candidates around the world and manage the complexities of global talent acquisition and global employee mobility.

Spotlight on Sperton Norway

Norway-related updates and thoughts from our Company Blog

Spotlight on Sperton Norway

Updates and thoughts from our Company Blog

Connect with SPERTON Team in Norway:

Jaimee Tan photo

Jaimee Tan Jimenez
Senior Business Development Advisor, Europe, the USA and APAC

15 years of experience working in Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Nordic, European and US markets in Energy, Construction, and Technology. I am passionate about helping companies achieve environmental sustainability by promoting awareness of resource consumption and reducing unnecessary waste.
+47 917 87 933
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Kavita Mahajan photo

Kavita Mahajan
Recruitment Advisor, APAC and Nordics

With over 6 years of experience as a HR professional, I am passionate about helping people land amazing jobs in the IT sector. I have a Bachelor’s in Information Technology, which enables me to understand the technical requirements and communicate with the right talent pool.

Jan Erik Eriksen photo

Jan Erik Kataja Eriksen
Recruitment Advisor

With a background in relationship sales and lifestyle coaching, it is easy for me to understand what drives the people I talk to. In a conversation, we will find out what you as an employer need, and we as recruiters will find out the candidate’s specific motivations for applying for the position.

Erik Mellebye-Giertsen photo

Erik Mellebye-Giertsen
Country Manager Norway

Dedicated recruiter with a focus on finding the right people for companies. As general manager of Sperton Norway, we help companies in both Norway and abroad with their employment processes, together with our global team.
+47 91532284
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Sperton Norway
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