Grow Your Business in Indonesia

We assist companies in Indonesia with their growth, aiding in local and global expansion efforts. Furthermore, we share our expertise with businesses from diverse regions, guiding them to enter and flourish in the Indonesian market successfully.

An extensive suite of services designed to facilitate market expansion or business development in Indonesia

  • Recruitment in Indonesia and for Indonesian companies abroad,
  • People Management services ensure that your workforce operations align with both Indonesian and international law frameworks,
  • Global Mobility services help your company move employees from Indonesia to other countries and from other countries to Indonesia,
  • Business Support services for a successful market entry and business development in Indonesia.

SPERTON is committed to cultivating excellence and success across your operations, whether it’s sourcing top talent, optimizing people management strategies, facilitating global mobility, or providing essential business support services. With entities and partners across Europe and Asia, we stand ready to help businesses overcome cross-border challenges.

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Connect with SPERTON Team in Indonesia:

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Bjorn Wille
Business Developer Indonesia

35 years of international experience in Europe, USA, Africa, and Asia, 25 years of corporate experience on senior management positions.
+47 907 14440
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