Corporate Accounting

The domestic financial accounting service field is complex and it is even hard for local enterprises to manage their way in in the different rules and regulations. It is mandatory to hire an accounting firm in China, so that all records of the business’s activities will be kept in order. The vast majority of unqualified service providers and inflated prices have been a big problem in this field.

Sperton is dedicated to service our clients and provide compliant and high-quality financial services which are cost-efficient. We provide corporate accounting as well as tax advising service.

CFO service

Enterprises who do not pay attention to financial management in the early stages of development will encounter many financial obstacles when business starts to grow.

SPERTON CHINA is dedicated to advice and help companies in the early stages or as project-based by providing cost-efficient CFO for hire and tax professionals.

Our team has a high level of trust. We are Norwegian and Chinese, and we are flexible and dedicated to find the best solution for you.