Shared Services

Remote support for your business

We’ve launched SPERTON Shared Services Hub to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve collaboration for our entities in different countries. Now we offer shared services to our clients and new customers.

Shared services are the consolidation of business operations that are used by multiple parts of the organization which includes: human resources, accounting, legal, IT, marketing, etc. It is a company-wide approach to streamlining business operations and resources that can be a huge asset for organizations that are spread out or have multiple sites or departments.

To make utilization of shared services simple, we developed a flexible invoicing methodology that can easily be adapted to the requirements of the client, where the invoicing can be built on a fixed-cost basis or milestone-based invoicing. We also offer a mix of the two billing models, where some services are offered on a fixed-cost billing methodology while some extended services are offered based on an hourly rate. 

Our services enable companies to focus on business growth and process improvements in a cost-effective way.

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SPERTON is a full-range provider of Global Recruitment, People Management, Global Mobility and Shared services within focused industry sectors. Our head office is located in Norway. We have over 20 years’ of experience supporting clients within the Human Resources area.

We can support you globally through our own companies and partners in more than 140 countries.