Director of Operations for Sperton Global

We are pleased to announce that Arash Palizban has been appointed as Director of Operations for Sperton Global and already started at the Oslo/Drammen office.

Arash is originally Italian and recently moved to Oslo this January. He’s been working in global headhunting since 2019 where he led operations in 48 countries for an international headhunting firm in the Nordics.
Previously he also recruited 200+ talents directly for other Startups he helped to scale in 3 continents. 
He has lived in 6 countries and speaks 9 languages, bridging cultural gaps across cross-border complex recruitment processes.

Arash is specialized in streamlining recruitment processes so they can be more intuitive for clients, recruiters and candidates. ‘Less is More’ is his mantra.

Good luck Arash and welcome to the team!

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