Anything is possible when people work together!

Connecting. Communicating. Working together.

By 2020, Gen Y will make up 35% of the workforce. They had grown up with open communication platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Technology unlocks possibilities but creates expectations. This generation is seeking openness, honesty, quality communication, trust in a job, too.

Businesses are having to adopt more transparent ways of working.

We are building our company culture on transparency and nurturing collaboration – and help employees to see the real value of the work that they’re doing. Boosting accountability within teams and on a personal level lets every employee to feel that they’re working towards a common goal.

These social solutions are implemented through technology. Sperton uses modern collaboration and communication tool that connects our employees via an internal social network. This information sharing and communication solution is built upon the same familiar user interface as Facebook.

Our teams have the ability to connect with one another publicly, leading to more accountability, knowledge transfer, and collaboration. It is to be used on all digital devices, mobile too. We communicate, collaborate and connect across desktop and mobile, using familiar features like groups, chat and video calls.

Anything is possible when people work together!

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