Visa and working in China

Visa and Working in China – WEBINAR

Visa and working in China for many foreigners have been very problematic recently due to Coronavirus. This time we have invited Edgar Choi to share our expertise to help more foreigners to understand legal and compliance of Visa and working in China.

Sperton is dedicated to provide transparent and correct information. We are customer focused and devoted to building long term relationships. In our WEBINAR SERIES – Guide to Setting up Business in China, we will cover important topics for setting up your business in China. We will share the rules and regulations, and the consequences of incompliance.

In the second webinar we will share:

  • Visa situation during Coronavirus
  • Work permit system in China
  • Procedure for obtaining legal work permit
  • The legal implications of illegal working in China
  • Legal liabilities for corporate of illegal working for the company.
  • Group Q&A

Tuesday 19th May 2020

Beijing time 16:00  CEST 10:00

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Guest Speaker:

Edgar Choi

Edgar Choi

legal advisor of International Financial Techonology Academy, World Blockchain and Fintech Foundation, Esports International Group.

We’re doing these online workshops for free to support SMEs during this difficult time. To support business growth, we welcome attendees to exchange their business need and offer in our streaming group.

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