Trademark in China - WEBINAR

Trademark in China – WEBINAR

New and growing companies often neglect the importance of trademark for their business. Eventually it will cause an unquantifiable consequence on the business.

In this Webinar we will share:

  • The importance of having a trademark.
    • Which circumstances you should have a trademark.
    • The consequences of not owning a trademark.
  • Experience sharing of how to protect your own trademark.
  • Case sharing
  • Trademark registration process and important matters.
  • Q&A

Tuesday 30th June 2020

CET 10:00

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Check our Brief Introduction of Trademark Registration in Mainland China blog post while waiting for the webinar!

Paul Stevens

Guest Speaker: Paul Stevens

Co-founder of SYNC Technology Law Group

Mr. Stevens provides services and advice for domestic and foreign clients regarding all aspects of intellectual property rights in China, including trademark and patent applications, managing investigations involving suspected infringement of intellectual property rights, and liaising with China counsel to coordinate and manage intellectual property disputes in China. 

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We had launched WEBINAR SERIES – Guide to Setting up Business in China. In this webinar series, we will cover important topics for setting up your business in China. We will share the rules and regulations, and the consequences of incompliance.

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