Sperton expansion into India and Sri Lanka

Sperton team has expanded into India and Sri Lanka

Sperton India is a preferred service provider for selection, sourcing of resources, and project management. Its distinguished integrated consultancy services offer the flexibility of customization of the solutions as per the client requirements.

Sperton India helps overseas partners in a planned entry into the Indian and Sri Lankan markets with the complete knowledge of the market in their product and service category. Strategic knowledge and business intelligence are acquired through dedicated research and feedback from strong partner networks.

Sperton India also supports its partner OEMs and clients with business development and promotional activities, making them always connected to the potential and existing clients.

Ambika Kaushik – Sperton India Director

The Director of Sperton India is Ambika Kaushik. Ambika has a rich experience of 40 years in Finance, Sales, Marketing, Customer service, Liaison & legal. He was responsible for drafting policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations, and has handled the Pan India Service Delivery, developed and successfully implemented changes regarding workflow at senior positions in Manufacturing & Telecommunications industries. He also was part of the internal audit team and conducted many training programs to increase performance and efficiency in the aforesaid roles.

Ambika Kaushik will be working towards developing India and Sri Lanka markets for Sperton, together with Bjorn Wille.

Have a good luck, Sperton India team!

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