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China today

COVID-19, Corona Virus Disease 2019, has seriously affected the whole Chinese society, from top to bottom and also the rest of the world. How is China today?

The official first working day after the Chinese New Year was delayed to 2nd of February 2020. But for some mega city, it has been delayed to 10th of February. But what we see today is that still many companies have chosen remote working mode. Many office buildings are maybe just 10% occupied compared to the normal working day. Reason is that most of the people are skeptical that city like Shanghai and Beijing can become the second Wuhan. Because of the intensity of population in Shanghai and Beijing, an outbreak in Shanghai will have much bigger consequence and risk compared to Wuhan. And when business is getting back to normal, many people from other cities will return to Shanghai. The cross infection could be critically dangerous.

Many industries already faced huge impact on their business and cash flow due to this unanticipated epidemic. The most affected industries are the retails, restaurant and food, tourism, entertainment, transportation, education etc. Meanwhile, the trend of online working, entertainment and education increases drastically. Many business meetings and activities are now heavily conducted online. We can also see from various news that many people are struggling with this remote working situation due to factors that there is no individual space at home with many family members living together. Many are now feeling increasingly bored from being involuntarily inside for the past months, and are eager to be able to go back to normal working conditions.

Shanghai measurements

Shanghai city has many measurements. Like temperate measurement in all indoor shopping mall and offices as well as metro stations. It is mandatory to wear face mask in all public spaces and people are advised to keep a safe distance from others. Public spaces are disinfected regularly, and even some office building require you to register on online platforms to show you are in good health. If you are returnee to Shanghai from major outbreak areas you are required to register at your local community and self-quarantine yourself at home for 14 days.

Picture below shows temperature measurement of Sperton China office in Shanghai.

Temperature measurement of Sperton China office in Shanghai
Temperature measurement of Sperton China office in Shanghai

In elevator there is also tissue to avoid bacteria infection.

Tissue in elevator to avoid infection
Tissue in elevator to avoid infection

We at Sperton China also work from home and closely follow the situation in China.

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